Who We Are

Virginia Pork Council logo FINALThe Virginia Pork Council, Inc. is a non-stock Corporation organized for the purpose of supporting the continued production and growth of the of the pork industry in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Producer leadership elected by the pork producers of Virginia is dedicated to providing programming and educational opportunities that support production efficiency. Support for improved pork product quality and producer on farm integrity is also part of our organization’s purpose.

Additionally the Virginia Pork Council works cooperatively with other organizations, agencies, and other groups who have as their purpose support for an improvement of the pork industry of the commonwealth of Virginia.

Any person who is actively engaged in Virginia as an owner, operator, contract feeder, meat packer, integrator, manager, or employees of any enterprise involved in the production of porcine animals in animal agriculture is eligible to be a member of the council.

All producers of pork, including their employees or contract farmers, that pay the mandatory national pork Promotion Research and Consumer Information Act and Order (7CFR part 1230) are eligible and considered members of the organization.

The by-laws of the Virginia Pork Council, Inc. provide the opportunity for the board of directors to establish other classes of membership to insure industry wide representation which is represented on the board and in all activities related to the purpose of the council.

National Pork Board

The Virginia Pork Council is in affiliation with the National Pork Board and they work together to further foster the pork industry and its producers through research, promotion, and education.logo-pork-checkoff



National Pork Producers Council

The Virginia Pork Council is in affiliation with the National Pork Producers Council and they work together on public policy issues on the local, state, and national levels.NPPC-logo