VDACS Encourages VA Producers to Partake in US SHIP Program

US SHIP aims to establish a platform similar to NPIP for safeguarding, improving, and representing the health status of swine across participating farm sites, supply chains, states, and regions. Such a working system is needed to support the current and future health assurance needs of the 21st century US pork industry.

The initial and principal objectives are to develop and implement an African Swine Fever (ASF)-Classical Swine Fever (CSF) Monitored Certification of US pork production operations (farm sites and slaughter facilities) modelled after the NPIP’s H5/H7 Avian Influenza Monitored certification of US Commercial Poultry operations.

The US SHIP ASF-CSF Monitored certification aims to mitigate risks of disease introduction and provide a practical means for demonstrating evidence of freedom of disease (outside of foreign animal disease control areas) in support of ongoing interstate commerce and a pathway towards the resumption of international trade over the course of a trade impacting disease response and recovery period. In short, US SHIP will establish a national playbook of technical standards and associated certification recognized across participating states that centers on disease prevention and demonstration of freedom of disease outside of control areas in support of animal health, commerce, and trade. US SHIP is designed to be applicable across the full-spectrum of US pork industry participants from the small show pig farmer to the large commercial producers and slaughter facilities.

Enrollment is completed through the Virginia State Veterinarian’s office
804-786-2483 | vastatevet@vdacs.virginia.gov
 Once enrolled, the participant needs to complete a biosecurity survey and demonstrate competency by providing 30 days of animal movement data electronically. There is no fee to participate.

For more information: 
Visit the US Swine Health Improvement Plan website HERE.
Read US SHIP Frequently Asked Questions HERE, provided by VDACS.
Visit VDACS – US Swine Health Improvement Plan website HERE.