Mission and Vision

The Virginia Pork Industry Board was established to manage state check off funds and governed by Commonwealth Code §l 3.2-2000 et eq.  The mission of this board was to plan and conduct programs, education, and research relating to the Virginia pork industry with primary emphasis on programs designed to increase the efficient production of slaughter hogs and feeders pigs in the Commonwealth.

The Virginia Pork Industry Board consists of 12 members representing the principle pork producing areas of the state, and are appointed by the governor. At least seven members shall be pork producers. Board members are appointed to four-year terms and, no board member is eligible to be appointed for more than two successive terms.

The Virginia Pork council is the newly created and recognized entity in Virginia that receives Pork Checkoff Funds from the National Pork Board. Federal law supersedes the state with regard to the Pork board. State funds will be collected or dispersed unless the federal Checkoff is dissolved or the industry moves to reinstate state collections.

Board members of the Virginia Pork Council and the current Pork Industry Board felt it was in the best interest of the industry to maintain the Pork Industry Board and their section of CODE for the sole purpose of being able to reinstate the collections and the mandatory program be suspended. The executive director of the Virginia Pork Council is the primary contact and responsible for carrying out the necessary directives to maintain the Pork Industry board.