The Strategic Investment Program

The Strategic Investment Program (SIP) is the primary source of funds for the National Pork Producers Council. As investors, you will help NPPC:

  • Fight for reasonable legislation and regulation
  • Develope revenue and market opportunities
  • Protect your livelihood

How SIP Started

The program was started to ensure that adequate funding is available for critical programs focused on public policy, including legislative and regulatory issues management, as well as trade issues. As an investor, you will have a voice in NPPC policy development.

How it Benefits YOU

By being involved in SIP you are guaranteed a chance to make a difference when important decisions about the United States pork industry are made. State organizations are supported by a share of the money from the program. The ability to use these unrestricted funds better equips state organizations and NPPC to respond to today’s threats on the state and national level. Producers agree to contribute .10/$100 of market value. Contract growers pay .10/$100 of gross contract value. Employees can pay $100/year.

Download the SIP-Form here.

If you have questions about SIP contact NPPC staff:


(515) 278-8012