Podcast: A Political Strategist’s Take On Farm Policy | Anne MacMillan

Popular Pig


Anne manages Invariant’s agriculture and food practice, bringing 20 years of substantive policy experience in the sector. For their field-to-fork clients, she provides regulatory guidance, crafts policy solutions, and deploys innovative engagement plans for Congress and the Administration.

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  1. An overview of what Anne does and how she navigates the policy world in Washington DC.
  2. The prognosis for the farm bill, the sticking points to get this over the finish line, and what hog farmers should be watching for.
  3. How the federal government is approaching the issues around threats to the food supply, from infectious diseases like African Swine Fever, to changing weather patterns, to resource constraints.
  4. How the Biden Administration is approaching international trade.
  5. What Anne thinks Congress can accomplish this year on addressing the labor shortage in agriculture.
  6. Anne MacMillan’s “golden nugget”

Listen HERE.