2022 Virginia Pork Industry Conference

Calling all Virginia pork producers and industry members! You are invited to the 2022 Virginia Pork Industry Conference, hosted by the Virginia Pork Council. The conference will take place at Meadow Event Park, in Doswell, VA on Wednesday, March 23.

Agenda includes:

8:30am – Registration

9:00am – Welcome

9:30am – Swine Health Update:
African Swine Fever – Dr. Charles Broaddus, State Veterinarian and Director of the Division of Animal Food Industry Services

SHIP Program – Dr. Carolynn Bisset, Program Manager, Office of Veterinary Services

VDACS Lab System Support/Test for Swine Diseases – Dr. Jessica Walters, Program Manager, Office of Laboratory 

10:15am – Networking Break

10:45 am – Conversation with pork and agriculture industry leaders from across the Commonwealth:
“Pork to Table” Challenges discussion including transportation, research, market, environmental, and animal health Services – Stephen Herring, NPPB and Jack Detiveuax, NPPC

11:30am – Matt Lohr, Secretary of Agriculture & Forestry Remarks

12:00pm – Lunch

12:45pm – National Updates: Stephen Herring, NPPB, Jack Detiveuax, NPPC, and Dr. Jeremy Pittman, NPPC Board of Directors & VPC Board Member

1:30pm – Break

2:00pm – Tour of State Fair of VA livestock pens, donated by Virginia Pork Council

2:45pm – Joe Guthrie, VDACS Commissioner Remarks

3:00pm – Virginia Pork Council Annual Meeting

4:00pm – Reception